Our Vision

≪ Cuisine is an art≫ it should appeal to all the senses.

Today, the global trend in gastronomy is to present food in sophisticated ways.

MORIYAMA products are designed to enhance the attraction of the food placed on the table.

On the strength of 50 years of experience,
Moriyama Glassware knows how to make full use of the quality of glass for the unique items creation.

We also develop an innovative design based on traditional Japanese forms, materials and techniques.

Our passion is to create tableware that is an inspiration to you.


Import & Export

Pillivuyt (France)
Schönwald (Germany)
J.L Coquet (France)
Jaune de Chrome (France)
Cutipol (Portugal)
Laguiole (France)
Vista Alegre(Portugal)
Steelite (UK)
MORIYAMA (Private Brand)

Our company

Verre Moriyama Glassware
Tokyo Main Office & Boutique Showroom

agio-1 Building 3-3-12 Ebisu minami Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0022 Japan
TEL +81(0)3-5721-8013 
FAX +81(0)3-5721-8422
Open 11:00~20:00
E-mail mail@verre.co.jp

Moriyama Glassware
Kobe Office & Boutique

2-2-7 Kotonoo-cho Chuo-ku Kobe Hyogo  651-0094 Japan
TEL +81(0)78-221-6357
FAX +81(0)78-241-0907
Open 10:00~18:00(Closed Sundays and public holidays)
E-mail moriyama@verre.co.jp

Osaka Boutique

HERBIS PLAZA ENT 3F 2-2-22 Umeda Kita-ku Osaka 530-0001 Japan
TEL +81(0)3-5721-8013
FAX +81(0)3-5721-8422
Open 11:00~20:00
E-mail osaka@verre.co.jp

Moriyama Glassware
Europe Office

15, rue Vergniaud 75013 Paris France
TEL +33(0)1-7600-2739
E-mail kumiko@verre.co.jp

MORIYAMA Collection


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